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Monday, February 28, 2005 AD
I Got Quoted on a Basement Tape
It's over a year old, but I just got around to listening to it (I've been trying to streeeeeetch out the last few DHP CDs I haven't listened to, yet). And I was only half listening to it while I was doing something else when the phrase "epistolary travelogue" caught my ear, and RC mentioned something I'd written after visiting St. Peter last January. Ironically, it's on the Evangelism tape. If there's anything I'm really, really bad at, it's evangelism. I've had at least one person become much more decidedly non-Christian after interacting with me. And my brother's pretty clear that he wants nothing to do with God if I'm representative of Christianity. I think I'm the anti-evangelist. So maybe I'd better go listen more carefully to this tape....
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Sunday, February 27, 2005 AD
Got 'Toon?
My friend Angie has a new site promoting her cartooning endeavors. Check it out. And way to go, Angie!
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Saturday, February 26, 2005 AD
Did you hear about Robert Barnes? Well, lean a little closer and I'll whisper some juicy tidbits in your ear. Just remember...this is all between you and me, and I'm only sharing it out of concern. First of all, Robert was recently ordained, so I suppose I should call him the Rev. Robert Barnes. Second of all, I think he's a pretty durn wise fellow. I dug up a bit of dirt on him to support that assertion. Elsewhere online I asked some folks to share their thoughts on the topic of gossip. Here's what that scoundrel wrote:
Gossip has context
Gossip, like murder, is a highly contextual sin.

Defining gossip, therefore, is not easy because it is so similar to other forms of communication, just as similar as the outwardly slim difference between murder and killing.

Most staff members are approached by people who are bitter/bothered by certain aspects of the leadership. People want to talk about the problems they are having with certain decisions or more specifically, the pastor.

I see it as an important part of their service to the church to say, "Friend, I understand. Follow me, I want to listen to you as we walk. [walking over to pastor's office] "Pastor, look who I ran into--and she was just mentioning how she wants some variety in your illustrations! It sounded really interesting--Becky, why don't you tell him what you told me?"

At staff meetings, we called that a gossip-stopper.

Doing something like that avoids two sins at once--the sin of receiving gossip and the sin of allowing it.

The pastor (in this case, Jack Arnold) also covered my back from gossip attacks with the same sort of tactics.

Gossip is a matter of authority. Negative information may be exchanged without sin; but like murder/killing, there is a matter of lawfulness, authority, and motive.
And you won't believe what he did next. When I asked him to expand on that "Gossip is a matter of authority" bit, he wrote more:
Gossip and Authority
This is not easy explain and it may not be easy to hear. Let me summarize:

Negative talk about other people can be right, wrong, or unclear. One of the factors that helps us understand its type is authority. In the Kingdom, with the general authority we have as Christ's Word-guided ambassadors and with the covenantal obligations we have (husband, father, elder, bearing the rod or the keys).

We need to speak about things under our jurisdiction; speaking negative things about our peers and those "above" us calls the authority issue into question. Thus, warnings about speaking against Godís anointed, and in a civil situation, warnings against speaking against your commanderóinvites mutiny.

For instance, this is why when I moderate forums, I do not allow admin/moderator issues to be discussed on the board. It invites mutiny.

Now, my thoughts:

The difference between murder and killing is, simply put, the murderer does not bear the sword of governmental authority. But for a citizen to legally end another citizen's life, he must be acting in the place of the state.

Itís not the place of every citizen in every situation to wield the sword of the state. There is a time and place for itóself-defense, protecting other citizens.

In the Kingdom, this same sort of thing seems to be true. There are times and places circumstances for communicating negative things about others; there are others where it is unclear and we prayerfully either stay silent or speak--this is why where there are many words, there is much sin. There are other times where we are forbidden from speaking negatively about others.

[Itís not just negative words; positive ones are also dangerous. Note the difference between praise and flattery.]

In these cases, we are always acting as God's representative. We are always his ambassadors. Thus all our words either flow from--or against--God's regal command. All our words must be in line with Godís ordersóhis Word.

But it goes beyond this. An officer of the church, a husband, a mother--these can speak with more freedom about the faults of others under their care.

Think about this: Why can a pastor, in good conscience, share with his Session about his struggles with a sinful father or a counseling matter or other sin in the flock, but his wife can't take the same information (that the pastor may have told her, rightly or wrongly) and do the same thing in her Tuesday Morning Bible Study?

Part of the gossip-problem is that people without authority or obligation or need-to-know (as they put it in the military) are reporting negative things about others to people who donít have a need-to-know, who donít have any authority to remedy the situation/sin.

This is why women, when they get together, gossip more than a group of men. Women have less authority, less duty, different covenantal obligations--it is not by accident that women are specifically instructed to avoid sins of the tongue (be quiet, etc).

Is it because women are morally weak that this is given? You know better than that. I believe it's because their unique covenantal obligations, their place in God's kingdom, that their negative words are more often out of place.

SO: When you are speaking of someone elseís faults, you need to ask whether you have the authority to publicly tear down their reputation, their glory, their renown. If you do, then you need to ask whether the audience you have chosen has the authority or obligation to remedy the situation.
Well, you need only imagine my response to such a shocking batch of good sense. First, I expressed appreciation, especially for the diagnostic questions he proposed (Do I have the authority to publicly tear down so-and-so's reputation, glory, renown? If so, does my audience have the authority or obligation to remedy the situation?) which I plan to commit to memory. Second, I asked him if I could share it here. And would you believe that scallawag consented? The nerve!

As if that's not enough, here's another morsel that goes to show his sagacity: That wife of his. I mean, she's practically as prudent as her husband!

I know, I know...what's the world coming to with such sensibile folk allowed to run amok amongst us?
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'Where Is My Hairbrush?'
You don't know, either? Well then, where is my bandana to cover up the evidence that I can't find my hairbrush, since someone's coming in a few minutes to look at my piano?
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Friday, February 25, 2005 AD
Makes Me Wanna Gnaw on Something
I've graduated to Adorable Rodent status. I think I have more than the 47 links I'm credited with, but lots of my linkers aren't ecosystem members. Still, it's nice to have achieved membership in the mammalian class.
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Yay! Babies! Yay!
Welcome, Benjamin Elliott Saenz!
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Thursday, February 24, 2005 AD
Do I Have Issues or What?
The phone's been ringing off the hook today re an ad I placed in the Pennysaver for a number of items. I feel increasingly panicked about moving, agonizingly regretful about having to get rid of anything, hand-wringingly worried that I'm not charging enough, and self-flagellatingly guilty about charging so much. My eyelid's been twitching for three days. And worst of all, there's no chocolate in the house!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005 AD
Bad Movies to Watch When You're Depressed
I watched "Lost in Translation" last night. I'm surprised the suicide rate didn't skyrocket when that one hit theaters. Blech.

I was going to watch "Big Fish" tonight, but the drive jammed and it took me two hours to get it opened again. Probably for the best...I'd probably have ended up bawling like I did the first time I watched it. Not that it's a depressing movie, but it touched some kinda raw nerve in me, and that's the only kinda nerves I've got right now.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 AD
Commentor Jon Swerens has started a new blog. Welcome to the blogosphere, Jon!
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Monday, February 21, 2005 AD
It Must Be the Hair
Bo or Anwar. I'm torn. And I can't believe I've gotten sucked into this.
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Does This Disturb Anyone Else?
There's a KFC commercial with "Sweet Home Alabama" playing in the background. Wrong state, folks!
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One of the Great Mysteries of Life
In a comment to the previous post, Dk asks the age old question, "You're an incredibly boring person. How can a person who writes so much have so little to say?" I, of course, am far too dull to come up with a hypothesis that will satisfy our scintillating inquirer. Perhaps some of my other readers could help him out? Leave your theory in the comments!
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'Look to Your Baptism'
A couple dear and well-meaning friends have, on occasions when I've written/talked about my tendency to doubt, told me to "look to my baptism." I am given to understand that this encouragement has a reddish-brown hue. All's I know is that I don't get it.

I recently found the bulletin from the day I was baptized -- December 10, 1978. There were about 15 people baptized that day. I remember most of them, and sure as heck wouldn't want to look to their baptisms for any sense of assurance.

But I should be able to look to my baptism for something. Frankly, I've never thought much of it at all. So whether you're auburn, blond, brunette or bald, I'd be interested in your answer to the question, What should I think about it? Here's the rules: a) I'm firmly paedo...I've no interest in discussing the credo position. 2) Pretend you're talking to a 7-year-old...speak slowly, use small words, and keep it brief. iii) Anybody starts fighting and I'll delete this post immediately. Pretend you're in a tea room -- no saloon brawls allowed.
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I Get So Excited When I Actually Manage to Behave Myself!
I was supposed to have an ad for some furniture and other items in the local Pennysaver that came out last Thursday. It didn't show up. So I wanted to call them and get that cleared up, but in my mental rehearsals I kept ending up yelling, so I didn't call all day Friday. I knew I needed to call before 10 this morning, though, or I'd miss this week's copy deadline. I was still Miss Cranky* at 9:23, but I prayed through it, and God was merciful and made my attitude better. I made the call and was polite and even got them to give me a free upgrade -- a "Moving" banner to make the ad stand out. :-)

*Did I ever tell you about my friend Steve? We (our frinend Lisa and I) called him (and he called himself) "Mr. Crankypants" and "The Grumpster." I tried for "Miss Crankyskirt" for myself, but it never stuck. I'm open to suitable suggestions!

P.S. Of course a few minutes later I was back to being cranky....
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Accepted in the Beloved
As much as I struggle with believing that God loves me, it makes the blessing all the sweeter when, as happened this morning, I'm flooded with the thought, with the belief that I am "accepted in the Beloved" while partaking of the Lord's Supper.

Unfortunately, a few hours later, I'm pretty down in the dumps again. But fortunately, Eric's sermon this morning was on "Communion and Community," and one of the points he made is that the sacrament isn't just for a few minutes on Sunday morning -- those moments of special communion with Jesus is to sustain us throughout the week, they are to have an ongoing sanctifying effect as we meditate on it. I am accepted in the Beloved tonight, as I'm tired and cranky and fed up with this stupid, tempermental laptop I've borrowed from my brother. I'll be accepted in the Beloved tomorrow as I attempt to get a lot of work done around here. I'll be accepted in the Beloved on Tuesday when I go back to work and struggle to care and be productive. I'll be accepted when I succeed, I'll be accepted when I fail, I'll be accepted when I obey, I'll be accepted when I sin...no more and no less than I was at the Table this morning. Because I will be in the Beloved...no more and no less than I was at the Table this morning. Because the Beloved is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
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Friday, February 18, 2005 AD
Freecycle Rox!
I put a loooooong list of items on Freecycle a couple hours ago and 25 out of 36 items are already claimed! Now if only my silly Hotmail account would behave itself, maybe I could get rid of the rest!
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New Furnace and A/C Are Installed!
That's the last of the major re-do expenses on the house (barring any surprises). Windows, painting, bathroom, furnace and A/C. Grand total: about $15K, and thanks be to God, I didn't have to borrow a penny of it! Well, unless you count putting today's bill on my credit card, but I will have the money to pay that off when I get the bill...I've just got some checks I need to deposit, and a money transfer that needs to clear. I think March will make it a whole year of not carrying a balance on my credit card. I know it's probably bad manners to talk about money like this, but that's me...Valerie the Gauche Girl. ;-)
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Thursday, February 17, 2005 AD
Submission Should Precede Explanation
In his latest post at Dry Creek Chronicles, The persuasive power of the truth, Rick talks about not using reasoning to motivate his children to obey. I think there's something applicable there for all of us as we consider how God deals with us as His children. I think too often we seek to understand God's will before we seek to obey it. I think we do the same with any authority in our lives.

I think if someone really does want to be obedient, though, reason can help. The trick is for the submissive attitude to precede the explanation.

I've never had much serious authority in my life. No one's ever expected much from me. Even now, I pretty much get my own way and do what I want at work. When I imagine what marriage would be like, I like to think that I'm going to be nice and sweet and submissive, but in my more honest moments, I wonder if it's more likely that I'd be bristly and resistant and argumentative. So the mental picture I sometimes draw is of saying "Yes, of course" to my husband and then asking "Why?" if I don't get it. I think the explanation might help then. It might allow for a more thorough obedience. It might get at underlying motivations rather than mere external conformity. It might allow for more cheerful and less fearful submission as it paints a context for the particular directive.

What explanation can't do, and I think this is what Rick is saying, is create a willingness to obey. It can't produce a heartfelt attitude of submission to the person in authority, even if it does convince of a pragmatic need to accede to a particular command. To take that back to the Ultimate Authority, you can give me a thousand and one reasons why obeying God would be the best course of action, but if I don't love Him with a heart sincerely desirous of pleasing Him, ain't nothin' gonna make me obey.

And I ain't gonna love Him if I don't sincerely believe that He loves me. So the more I grasp grace, the more I'll grasp obedience (Titus 2:11-14). Going back in the other direction, human leaders -- parents, husbands, elders -- will get more obedience from those under their authority -- children, wives, parishoners -- as they create an atmosphere of trust and security and love. I don't for a second mean that discipline isn't included in that atmosphere -- it is an integral part (Hebrews 2:6). But it's not to be self-centered, self-pleasing discipline. Rather it is to be truly motivated by seeking the good of the other.

Speaking of discipline, this post lacks it. It's just a rambling free-write. Please pardon my publication of these half-formed thoughts! Further irony is that I get the reasoning behind the need to obey proper authorities way more than I do the actual practice, so maybe I shouldn't shoot off my mouth at all on this topic.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 AD
Tears-Rollin-Down-My-Cheeks Hilarious
Even if you're more sheltered than I am, and have managed to miss the original of which this is a take-off (I almost managed to miss it, but was subjected against my will to several hours of VH1 last New Year's Eve), Baby Got Book ought to amuse you. The download is s-l-o-w, but worth the wait, at least if you don't have dial-up. Link via Barb. I gotta start carrying my NGSB in public. Or maybe my four-translation comparative study Bible....
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One of Those Age-Old Questions
How do you throw away a garbage can? I left a decrepit one out for the bulk trash pick-up this morning. It didn't get taken. I probably should have left a note on it.

They did take the TV-tray rack (I sent the TV trays to Goodwill, but forgot about the rack) and two rugs. One of the rugs I got to throw out a second-floor window. That was fun. The other one I slid down the stairs. It slammed into a desk, which slammed into a wall, which put a chip in my new paint. That was not so fun.

In other news, I'm about halfway through my delicious chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake with raspberry sauce, courtesy of Margaret. I had some for breakfast this morning...isn't that healthy? Also this morning I finished off the remainder of the Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips I'd taken to the fellowship dinner on Sunday. Those are so yummy. I could skip the tortillas, though. Just give me a hint of lime salt lick and I'd be happy.

Just to annoy John R. (in case my recent distinction between lilac and lavender didn't do the trick), I will apologize for the lameness of my recent entries and my lack of responsiveness to comments. I know I owe some folks some e-mails, too. I'd blame it on busyness, but it's not as if I have any productivity to show for it. More to do with tiredness and laziness and a low-grade case of the blahs.
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Monday, February 14, 2005 AD
I'm Going to Try This Free Mini Mac Thing
What it takes is for 10 folks to complete offers, and then I get a free Mac Mini. The offers include things like Columbia House DVDs, RealRhapsody, credit cards, Wall Street Journal, eFax, Lowe's CompleteHome, etc.

Yes, this will probably invite junk mail of all varieties, so consider yourself forewarned. I have a Hotmail account that I use for stuff like this so I can keep it out of my "good" accounts.

But if you'd like to help, click here. The link starts out with a survey, which it says is optional, but it goes on for quite a few pages. I finally clicked on something and it let me out of the survey and into the offers section.

I know of several people who have gotten iPods through these freebie offer things, so it's not a scam. An iPod never interested me, but it would be nice to get my foot into the Mac door and eventually make the switch. I figure if I start with this, and slowly collect software as I can afford it, then someday I can get a real Mac, which would be nice since I'd like to continue to do some graphic design in my freelance business.

Please let me know via comment or e-mail if you're going to give it a shot. Thanks for considering it.

If you've done this for an iPod or Mac Mini already, could you leave a comment and let me (and my other readers) know how it went? Thanks.
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Ooooh! I Wonder If This Is Any Good?
A Philadelphia theatre company is putting on a one-man adaptation of The Great Divorce. It showed for a week last month, and will be there for another week this month. Philly's not that far away. I could drive up. I wonder if I could find any Philadelphians who might be interested in going. Or any Baltimoreans, or Annapolitans, or inbetweenians, for that matter. :-D
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Saturday, February 12, 2005 AD
A Public Service Announcement on Behalf of the Feeble-Minded
For the sake up us bears of very little brain, use "reply with history" when responding to electronic messages. Otherwise we might not remember what in the world you're responding to!
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I Love It, Samantha!
I won a home-made journal from Samantha and it was waiting for me when I finally got home from work at about 5:30 this morning. What is the painting, Samantha? I don't think I've seen it before. She reminds me of Vanity. Perhaps I shall use the journal the next time I read Ecclesiastes!
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An Office Conversation
L: Oh look! Your socks match your sweater!
Me: Yes, they are prone to do that.
L: Wow. My socks aren't even prone to match each other.

How about you? Do you go for the coordinated look? Or the first pair of socks in the drawer? How 'bout with jewelry, scarves, etc.? I've been known to stop and make a pair of earrings to go with an outfit rather than put on something that doesn't match.

Oh, and I almost hate to admit it, but my sweater is lavender and my socks are lilac, so they don't really match. But there's an expanse of black slacks in between, so the difference isn't noticeable. I never, however, wear two purples in close proximity unless they are the same hue or shades or tints of the same hue. That would be for me like lack of parallelism in a bulleted list or a picture hanging crookedly on the wall.

It's funny though -- this isn't a standard I require in others. I don't cringe when someone else doesn't follow my style. I can't imagine Samantha, for instance, having such a fetish for matchingness, but I love the style she has, and I wouldn't want her to be like me in this.

Lack of parallelism, however, I cannot abide. I made the mistake earlier this evening of opening a 77-page file of indexes...77 pages of bulleted lists. I'm not sure whether to curse or bless the person who sent it (and I'm not sure whether he'll curse or bless me when I send it back) because while creating order and pattern consistency is a lot of fun, it is time-consuming, and this document was sent to me for reference, not for editing. I did make myself stop at about page 20.

That reminds me of the button incident (forgive me if I've told this one before). My dear mother had made me a black blouse and set me the task of picking out buttons from a tin about eight inches in diameter and four inches deep -- hundreds of black buttons, a hundred year's worth of black buttons from her mother and probably her grandmother before her. I quickly decided that all of the buttons on the blouse should be different. And that the rest of the black buttons should be sorted so that those with matches were matched. Not satisfied, I also sorted all the white buttons. And the colored buttons, too, into smaller containers according to hues. There weren't as many white and colored as there were black, but there were still a lot. Well, my poor mother about lost her mind watching me do this. It seemed to her like a maddeningly dull way to spend the last day of my vacation. I, on the other hand, was enjoying myself immensely.

If only I could make myself have such a passion for orderliness in general, I could become the world's greatest housekeeper!
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Way Cool
The Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager (link via Lois)
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Thursday, February 10, 2005 AD
Well, Well...
...look who's back.
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Bye-Bye, Reformed R Us
According to this item, my favorite real-life bookstore is going out of business. I'm probably partly to blame...I haven't shopped there for ages. I used to call it Reformed R Us because the owners were PCA folks and they always had a small section of Ligonier products available. Frankly, if they'd been more Reformed they might have kept my business better. That Ligonier section was small, and in the back, leaving room for huge displays of the latest Left Behind drivel in the front. When I wanted something specific, they seldom had it available. At one point they had a whole end unit full of Canon's family series, then they disappeared never to be seen again. It became the same bland generic evangelicalism that made me stop visiting the Baptist Bookstore. Yep...I know they're Lifeway now, but it's been that long since I shopped there. I worked there for two and a half years, too -- my first full-time job out of college. My sister-in-law's sister has worked at Greenleaf off and on for years, and Brian Davis (formerly of Barukatash) did a brief stint there, too.

I have three particularly strong memories of the store. One year I went to a Good Friday service put on by some churches in the area -- a seven last words kind of thing with brief messages and hymns. The most dreadfully, hideously liberal twaddle I'd ever heard all in one place. I slipped out quietly after a while. At least one other person had also left, but not so quietly -- he said something like, "I've had enough of this!" as he made his exit...loud enough to be heard. Anyway, I left there and went to Greenleaf for a couple hours. This was in the old days when they were more distinctively Reformed and I was just beginning to choke on the TULIP bulb, but I needed to be in an atmosphere of orthodoxy to counteract the silliness I'd left. The other memory is recounted here. The third memory is going there with Paulo and Wayne Whitmer the first time I'd met them in person, after we'd had dinner with Brian.
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Note: I Googled and found no other instances of "Charitainment" in English, so I claim credit.

I plugged my TV back in about a week and a half ago, and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (EMHE) became my instant new favorite. The first week I watched, they redid the home of a family with 8 kids, the youngest of whom has lots of health problems, including immune issues. Of course her illness has been financially draining on the family, and their current house wasn't the healthiest environment for the little girl. So the EMHE folks came in and, in a one-week span, majorly renovated their house.

This week's episode featured a recently widowed woman with two kids who was streaking struggling (I have no idea where "streaking" came from...there was no nakedidity in this show!) to keep a farm afloat.

Anne of Keel the Pot has recently blogged (1, 2, 3) about an episode they've filmed in her neck of the woods -- a family with sextuplets who had come close to losing their home through foreclosure.

I cried during the two episodes I watched. I'm sure I'll cry If I see the third. I mean, showing mercy to the sick, visiting widows and orphans, welcoming the little children...what's not to love?

Well, I can think of a few things:
  • First, is looking to Hollywood to provide for their needs isn't any better than looking to Washington (or Berlin)?
  • Second, isn't this the modern-day equivalent to announcing one's good deeds with trumpets?
  • Third, isn't it creepy to make someone's real and deep misfortunes the centerpiece of an entertainment product? Why not have a game show for contestants to win kidney dialysis? Or free brain surgery for the person with a tumor who can tell the biggest sob story?
I'm thinking No, Yes and Yes. And I sold both my TVs to co-workers today at lunch.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005 AD
The Most Gracious Host Ever
You know you're really welcomed and loved by your friends when they invite you over and then they are comfortable enough to fall asleep during the after-dinner conversation. Just like family!
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005 AD
Listen Closely
"[W]e have to recognize that the source of the problem here in America is within the Church. Currently, the Church is not the answer to America's problem; the Church is America's problem."

I am sure there are some who will take that as a denigration of the Church, but it is just the opposite. It speaks to her power. It believes in her high position. It calls her to fierce submission and heroic obedience to her Master. That is no more denigrating than for a parent to say to a child, "Quit slouching and sit up straight!" I wonder if those who hear only the "slouching" part have any idea of the proper posture the Church is called to or any faith that her Husband can and will correct her slouch while remaining perfectly pro-Church.
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Friday, February 04, 2005 AD
Third Try's the Charm
I got Gryffindor first, but seeing as how I am a devout coward, I didn't think it fit. The question that threw me on the first try was #2. My best friends are all of the female persuasion, so I answered option 1. But if I were married, my husband would be my best friend, and I'd ever so non-usurpatiously choose option 3. Only I'd yell something more grief-stricken and dramatic than the option given. If I really am a Gryffindor, I'm of the Neville Longbottom variety.

Next I got Slytherin, but didn't particularly care for that, either, for obvious reasons.

Finally, on my third try I got...

You are smart, calm and calculating in a situation or problem you're faced with. You base your decisions more of logic than a standard of morals. But be careful, sometimes in your search for knowledge you come across as cold as Spock.

Hmm...that doesn't really fit, either, but it really seems a bit of a stretch to try a fourth time to get the final option, Hufflepuff. But doesn't Hufflepuff just sound nicest? Reminds me of Heffalumps, and H.R. Pufnstuf, and marshmallow fluff, and those are nice things to be reminded of, eh? But the Hufflepuff description doesn't quite work, either.

Take the Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz, made by The Genki Gang.
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80 Percent

How Anne Are You?
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Another Amusement
The Homelife Security System. I'm presently at code yellow, but getting more orangey by the moment.
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While You're Patiently Waiting for a New Post from Me...
...here's a little something to occupy your time.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005 AD
One Win and One Near Miss
I handily won the January trivia quiz sponsored by Moriah (probably because neither she nor John seem to have played all month), and narrowly missed first place in Joffre's quiz. I was ahead almost all month, and almost had it 'til about halfway through the day yesterday. I personally think it was shockingly ungentlemanlike behavior on Joffre's part to catch up and beat me like that, but what better can one expect in this day and age? *snif*
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