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September 17, 2005

I received my first guitar for Christmas, 1984. I'd been playing for a little while before then on a borrowed instrument, but this one really suited me: a classical with nice, soft nylon strings for my wimpy fingers. I wrote my very first song, based on Psalm 16, the following summer. It was really, really bad, and I have not included it in the list below. My second song, based on Psalm 51, also appeared that year, but it wasn't quite so attrocious, so it begins my list below: a selection of the songs I've written over the past two decades in vaguely chronological order.

Please be merciful when examining these songs. Some of them betray a theological bent that I hope has been a good deal straightened in the years since they were written. And of course the recording quality is nothing to write home about—just me and my guitar, plunking away into a cheap mono computer mic, saving the first take I get through that isn't totally disastrous.

Confession Song (Psalm 51) 1985 lyrics
Like You See Me May/June 1988 lyrics
Many Waters April 24, 1991 lyrics
According to My Lord's Good Pleasure 1991 lyrics
Something Out of Nothing ? lyrics
This Jesus, Whom You Crucified January 23, 1993 lyrics
Why Do You Worry? ? lyrics
Elizabeth 1993 or '94? lyrics
Cup of Tears January 14, 1994 lyrics
A Dime a Dozen February 5, 1994 lyrics
Turning in Circles* April 1994 lyrics
I Want to Say Yes* April 1994 lyrics
No Other Name April 23-24, 1994 lyrics
Isaiah Six (In the Temple) 1995 lyrics
Open ? lyrics
Do You Know Anyone January 13, 1996 lyrics
Great Physician February 12-14, 1997 lyrics
His Unfailing Love (Psalm 107) June 28-July 5, 1997 lyrics
House Upon a Rock July 19, 1997 lyrics
I Want to Know You (Psalm 27) May 1998, revised 1999, 2003 lyrics
In Jesus' Name Forgive Me February 28, 1999 lyrics
You Alone November 16, 1999 lyrics
To the Praise of the Glory of His Grace March or April 2000 lyrics
Jesus Christ, My Righteousness June 6-17, 2001 lyrics
O Sovereign Joy June 2001 lyrics
When Adam Fell August 21-22, 2001 lyrics
Let Justice Roll Down 2001 (?) lyrics
Comfort, Comfort Ye My People (new tune) December 2001
O Heavens, Stand Amazed September 2002 lyrics

* These songs were composed for "The Invitation," a play I wrote and directed for the youth group at the church I was then attending. No, you will never, ever, ever see the script!