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Wednesday, April 20, 2005 AD
I tagged along with Amy and family as they looked at a couple investment properties yesterday. At both stops I got to stay with the baby while Amy and her Rocket Scientist (be sure to read his post about clueless mommies...good stuff!) looked over the real estate, and the three older children either went along with them or played nearby. Both times, my charge, whom Amy calls "Energizer Baby" (get it? Charge...energizer?) was a perfectly sweet and content child as long as she was with me...and then started crying immediately upon her mother's return. "Go away, Mama! I want the nice lady!" At least that's how I chose to interpret things. ;-) Actually, the poor thing is teething and has a cold, so it's a wonder she wasn't wailing all the time. I think "Energizer Mama" would more apt. Amy is A Woman With Ideas, and spunky to boot.

Amy and Greg treated me to dinner at a local Mexican place (La Carreta?) and then we went on to the Tuesday night Bible study. Now I am a Tuesday night Bible study junkie -- I own a dozen tape/CD sets, each of which I've listened to two or more times, bought another set this weekened, and just ordered two more that Rick's got on clearance (if you're tempted, may I recommend "Spirit of the Fruit" parts 1 and 2?). So I was pretty excited to get to be there in person. RC's style is fairly interactive, and I have a habit of talking to the recordings as I'm listening, so I had it in mind to sit in the back and keep my mouth shut to avoid embarrassing myself. Happily, the Energizer Family chose the back pew anyway, so I was able to follow through on my plan as we settled in for a lesson on "It is easier for a camel to go the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." It is part of an as-yet-untitled series on six things the Bible teaches that Reformed folk don't believe. ("Hydrocortisone for Reformed Hives"? Maybe not....) Dr. Sproul, however, was not content with my obscurity, and asked me a question to which I initially responded stupidly ("What is that acronym?" "Duuuuuuuh....") until he clarified what he was asking ("What is your acronym?" "Oh! EGEATP!"). So for the second time this vacation I was simultaneously very embarrassed and very pleased.

And now, home again, home again, hippity hop. One of RC's illustrations in last night's talk was regarding the waning excitement we tend to have toward things like vehicles, and how that betrays our waning gratitude for the good gifts God gives us. My car is 10 years old, has about 177K miles on it, and is rattling to beat the band every time I turn. Let's just say that I think I will manage to be excitedly grateful for it if it gets me home!
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