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Tuesday, April 05, 2005 AD
Hiatus Planning
First, I'm OK. No need to worry. If'n I'da known my previous post would cause so much worry and consternation, I'd not have posted it. Sorry!

Second, thanks for worrying anyway. Your concern is appreciated.

Third, thanks also for all the other kind words.

Fourth, Kelly's right about the blog roll.

Fifth, so is Joseph. It didn't work last time when I took it down. But hope springs eternal etc.

Sixth, Jane, blocking sites on one's own computer is completely futile if one knows the password. And there are other links here that I like to have access to in case I'm away from my own browser's bookmarks. I may, however, once I get my own computer back (and Leslie says it may be this week), install something like Net Nanny that allows you not only to block sites, but limit online time, and get someone else to set the password.

Seventh, Karen, are you any good at thinking up passwords? Also, you have not only seen pictures of my house, you have heard Eric's last two sermons -- well, one of them, at any rate ;-) -- and can perhaps imagine how convicting they have been to me.

Eighth, Carmon's pretty close to being right about Rick. But it's not simple so much as deliberate that's prompting my hiatus plans. I haven't been able to come up with a good, positive, purposeful, intentional reason for doing this. Rick wrote about some questions his family uses when determining whether or not to do something: "Will it help us to raise our family? Will it help us to live in community? Will it help us to worship God?" I'm not even so far along that I have such a clear set of diagnostic questions, but I do know that one of them needs to be about the pursuit of personal sanctification -- becoming a more loving, faithful and obedient child of God. Maybe there's some way blogging can contribute to that end, but it isn't clear to me right now. The opposite, in fact, seems to be the case. Far too much of my time is consumed online, which means that far too little of it is spent in prayer, reading, housework, service, personal worship, physical activity, etc. Frankly, the last hiatus did absolutely squat in getting me to improve in these other areas, but, again, hope springs eternal. Maybe this time God will be merciful and grant me a livelier repentance.

Ninth, other influences include ye olde admonition against narcissistic navel-gazing and lonely soulism (you will recall my little meltdown last week), and the line that was the final straw contributing to last year's hiatus: "Darby, did you know that Miss Valerie spends too much time online?"

Tenth, Joseph, it's called "going Garver." And I don't have a laptop.

Eleventh, I haven't disappeared yet. It'll probably be this weekend sometime.

Twelfth, there was something else on the tip of my brain, but it has escaped me.
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