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Thursday, January 20, 2005 AD
Progress Report
The laundry got done Tuesday -- seven loads washed, dried, folded as they came out of the drier, and put away in their various homes.

The dishes are getting done today -- I've lost count of how many times I've filled and emptied the drainer. I've been living on delivery Chinese food and pizza, and pre-fab meals for a week now, so I'm looking forward to having enough clean dishes to cook again. I've got beans soaking to be able to throw soup in the crockpot in the morning. This was a 15-variety package of dried beans. I love the colors and texture -- like a big bag of beads or buttons, only I'm gonna get to eat 'em!

I get to take a shower tomorrow morning! The bathtub/wall liner got installed today. I can't remember whether I'd posted here about all the tiles falling off when the plumber came to put in the new fixtures. The plaster underneath was water damaged, too, so he had to take out quite a bit and patch it with a bit of drywall. So I haven't been able to run the shower for about a month, and lemme tellya, washing 2+ feet of hair under the tub faucet is quite the adventure for someone who's not as young and flexible as she used to be!

The painters have been at it since Tuesday, and the second floor is starting to look really good. There were a lot of settlement cracks, and they've done a good job getting those filled and covered. The wallpaper in the master bedroom was particularly nasty to remove, and they ended up having to sand after they scraped. It was sad to see all the notes I'd jotted on the walls over the years covered up, but it's great to see the rooms looking bright and clean.

I'm in a bit of a quandry re my storage plans. I had sent out an "all hands on deck" e-mail asking for help to move things from my house to Joan's on Saturday, but a) it looks like there's going to be some significant snow on Saturday, and b) I've only gotten one definite "I'll be there unless it snows" response -- and that's from Carter, the same guy who helped me move everything on Monday! My options are as follows:
1) Move everything back upstairs so the painters can paint downstairs next week. I really don't like this option. It's regress rather than progress, and I think that'd be a Bad Thing, man.

2) Move everything on Monday or Tuesday night. I just think I'm going to have a hard time finding enough help to do that. I will not let Carter do the whole job by himself again!

3) Postpone the moving 'til the 29th and the rest of the painting for three weeks (he has a commitment February 2-11). I'm leaning toward this option. (OK, more than leaning -- I just e-mailed the painter to ask if we could do that.) I think I bit off more than I can chew, and I need more time logistically, physically and emotionally to be ready to move the bulk of my possessions out of the house.
Please pray that I'll have faith to let go of stuff. It's hard giving up so much that's precious not because of any great monetary value, or even any great sentimental value, but simply because of familiarity. I know theoretically that there's no security in such things, but I'm still feeling a lot of insecurity at the thought of relinquishing them. And please pray for diligence for me to work hard and get done what needs to get done. Speaking of which...back to the dishes!
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