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Thursday, December 30, 2004 AD
Thankful Thursday
Since Kelly has abandoned us this week, I thought I'd pick up the Thankful Thursday mantle for the day. For those not familiar with Kelly's meme, the idea is to leave a comment listing three items for which you are thankful. Since this is the last Thursday of the year, let's pick three things for which we have been especially thankful in 2004.

Here are three of mine:

1) Faith Christian Fellowship -- It was a very hard decision to leave, and I do not regret it in the least, but I am very grateful for FCF's pastors for listening to my concerns and trying to find a way to work things out (especially Pastor Craig), and finally giving me permission to go (especially Pastor Wy). I am grateful for the friends there who have loved me, and will continue to love me, especially Joan and Arlette.

2) Christ Reformed Evangelical Church -- CREC has been a wonderful place for me to sojourn. The rich worship, solid preaching, and warm fellowship of the congregation have been God's most visibly powerful means of sustaining me throughout the past 10 months. I am especially grateful for Karen and Jeff, who have been wonderful friends, and have shown me hospitality on so many occasions I've lost count.

3) Saint Peter Presbyterian Church and the Highlands Study Center -- On the first Sunday of 2004 I was on my way back home after spending a week with friends in Alabama. I had spent that "retreat" week thinking and wrestling and praying about leaving FCF, and had pretty much decided not to. The resolve didn't last 'til I made it home. I had scheduled the return trip so I could stop at St. Peter that day, and after morning worship and lunch withy the Sprouls, I knew I wanted to be there as much as I ever had. So I spent a couple more months thinking and wrestling and praying and talking things over until it seemed I had "clearance" from all quarters to leave FCF and begin planning to move to St. Peter. I'm grateful for the HSC teaching resources that have helped me captured my thoughts throughout the past year. I'm grateful for R.C. and Denise and Laurence and Rick and all my other friends and future church family there. And I'm grateful that St. Peter Church is there and that God has opened up doors for me to move.
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