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Thursday, October 14, 2004 AD
Questions Heisted from Rick & Rachel's Temporary Blog (Which Were in Turn Heisted from Elsewhere, So I Don't Feel the Least Bit Guilty)
1. If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you never played before, what would it be?

Piano. No question. My faviddest instrument. I took lessons from 2nd-6th grade, but never learned a thing because I never practiced. I told RC and Denise that I thought Dan Mickool's piano playing at the HSC conference in April was better than the Westminster Brass at the Ligonier conference in March, and they laughed. And probably the Westminster Brass is a group of superior musicians -- I'm not educated enough to tell -- but I'd rather hear a piano any day. One of the great pleasures of worshiping at CREC has been Mike McKenna's playing...with occasional substitution by Angie...rather than FCF's electric bombast, over which you could hear no singing.

2. If you had to have a personal friend redecorate your house, who would you pick to do it?

I think I'd trust my friend Anne (not Anne Ivy...not that I necessarily wouldn't trust Anne Ivy, just that she's not the Anne I had in mind!), who has good color sensibilities and I've asked her advice in the past. In the meantime my redecorating choices for the near future will consist mostly of buying an industrial-size bucket of seller's white paint and going top to bottom with that.

3. If you could adopt one personality trait from someone you know, what would you take, and from whom?

I would love to have my mother's work ethic. Maybe not to her degree of can't-sit-stillness, but definitely her energetic drive to be busy.

4. If you could program the perfect evening of television shows, which ones would you select, and in what order?

6:00 - Leave the TV off
6:30 - Leave the TV off
7:00 - Leave the TV off
7:30 - Leave the TV off
8:00 - Leave the TV off
9:00 - Leave the TV off
10:00 - Leave the TV off

I do not miss television in the least, and do not wish it back!

5. If you were given one hour to spend an unlimited amount of money in any store in the world, where would it be?

I'd go to the most expensive automobile dealership I could find, and buy everything on their lot. Of course then I'd turn around and sell all the vehicles and have a tidy sum to live off of for quite some time. Is that a cheater answer?
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