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Monday, September 20, 2004 AD
Guess What I Finished Crocheting Yesterday!

After three attempts, I decided I'd have to give up on socks for now. It honestly didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to just open the book and follow the directions, but I can't! I'll need to wait to find a crochet coach or get a better reference. The starting stitches are completely incomprehensible to me. Feel better, Eleanor? ;-)

What I finished was Kelly's black snood...for about the fourth time! I had thought I'd finished it back last winter, and even sent it to her, but I made her send it back when I'd learned more from trial-and-error about how to make them. Then I finished it again a few weeks ago, but when I gave it a trial run by wearing it two Sundays ago, I realized it still wasn't quite right. Happily, I was able to find the end of the thread this time, and didn't have to cut it. Then I just about had it finished a third time yesterday when I realized I was going to run out of thread, and didn't want to have to add another piece. So I tore out a bunch again, redid the last couple couple rounds more economically, and ended up with about eighteen inches of thread to spare.

I also finally finished a sewing/embroidery project. My mom had made me a pink blouse with a V-neck that tended to slip just a little too low for comfort, so I asked her to make me a little fill-in triangle in white, which she did months ago. I finally sewed it in yesterday (by hand...it would have taken me that long just to figure out the bobbin on my sewing machine) and embroidered it to match the pink and white embroidery on the rest of the blouse.

The blouse still drives me a bit batty, though. My mom has made two other blouses for me out of this "linen-look" fabric and they've been wonderful -- the look of linen without the labor! This one, however, I pressed to within an inch of its life this morning and it's already looking like I slept in it. What, I ask you, is the point of linen-look if it, well, looks like linen?

And most happily, I was a lean, mean sorting machine this weekend! (OK, the "lean" part isn't true.) I got through six or eight boxes of junk, including four large plastic bins. I was finally "in the zone" and tearing through the work with vigor. If anybody's been praying for diligence for me regarding my moving efforts, keep it up! It's working! And the vast majority of stuff continues to land in the trash or the stack of get-rid-of boxes.

I've also managed one of those near-impossibilites this week -- keeping on top of the dishes. I know it's pathetic for a person who lives alone to be so often defeated by such a chore, but I do struggle with it, so I'm grateful to be having some success with it.

If it were not for the fact that I can't access several of my e-mail accounts at work, I'd forget about reassembling my computer altogether. Maybe I've gotten a good enough taste of offline life to keep me unplugged a little more often, though.
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