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Sunday, August 29, 2004 AD
Some people had complained that my blog categories—These, Them, Those, The Others, Maybe, and Not—were insufficiently clear. For those still wondering, they broke down something like this: The first four categories were a vague breakdown of frequency with which I checked a given blog. These were checked multiple times per day. Them, about once a day. Those, a few to several times a week. The Others, maybe once or twice a week. The Maybes were folks on long hiatuses or whose blogs are semi-permanently closed (or maybe even permanently closed, but I tend to be a hopeful sort). The Nots were blogs that like to pretend they aren't, but, well, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.... ;-)

Anyway, I’ve now replaced that obscure system with a much clearer system of acronyms. I’m just not gonna tell you what the acronyms mean. But I’m not completely without mercy...I will give you a few hints:
  • All but one occurrence of BT=“blogs that.”
  • No articles, prepositions or conjunctions have been left out of the acronyms.
  • Punctuation, however, has been omitted.
  • There is one acronym up with which Mr. Churchill would not have put.
  • There are a few links that could have fit into more than one category, but I put them where it was most convenient for me.
Beyond that, I will only answer yes or no to questions posed by any whose curiosity demands further explanation.

I’ve also put my bio (with updated age) and e-mail address in a separate box, and moved my archive links over to the far left to save a little bit of room in the links box. Not sure if I like the archive links there, but I thought I’d try this arrangement for a while. Also not sure whether or not I like the green box—I can’t seem to find a green that works exactly right—so I may switch it to purple if I grow to loathe it.

I finally figured out why a couple of my border widths weren’t working and fixed those (ah...it helps to re-post the CSS file!), and I think I figured out why my photo keeps coming out cut off, and fixed that.

Whaddaya think?

UPDATE: But now it's doing funky things with my tables. The blue and green boxes are sometimes rendering as squares. I've got heights specified (that's what I thought was wrong with the photo table), and I didn't change anything else on the tables, so I can't figure out why they're suddenly doing this. Help? :-(
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