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Tuesday, June 22, 2004 AD
Nice Going, Supposedly Christian Baylor U!
"Next month, the Baylor College of Medicine plans to introduce a pilot program with perhaps the largest panel of prenatal tests ever offered. For $2,000, a pregnant woman will be able to have her fetus tested for some 50 conditions that cause mental retardation." That's right! Give 'em all the excuses they need to murder their babies!

I'm only on page 2 of this 5-page article (link from Deborah; use newspaperlogin, password 123456 if you don't want to register) and there's already enough to leave me shaking and crying. Here are some other hideous quotes:

"She and her husband...decided that the quality of the [Down syndrome] child's life, and that of the rest of their family, would be too severely compromised. 'I don't look at it as though I had an abortion, even though that is technically what it is,' she added. 'There's a difference. I wanted this baby.'" No, you obviously didn't want this baby...you wanted a baby, and obviously for the wrong reasons.

"[A] panel that now includes nine tests for diseases common to Ashkenazi Jews has virtually eliminated the birth of children in the United States with Tay-Sachs, a fatal early childhood genetic disorder." No, it hasn't eliminated the birth of children with Tay-Sachs...it has eliminated the children with Tay-Sachs. Nice little final solution there, folks!

"Having watched her husband shrink from scenes of suffering, whether in movies or during his own father's illness, she said she knew her marriage would not survive having a severely ill [CF] child." Well, that's what you get for not marrying a man...or being a woman.

"[A]n obstetrician...described one woman who had been born with an extra finger, which was surgically removed when she was a child. Her children have a 50-50 chance of inheriting the condition, but she is determined not to let that happen. Detecting the extra digit through early ultrasounds, she has terminated two pregnancies so far...." What the *&#$% is she afraid of? Inigo Montoya???

"Dr. ----- -----, an obstetrician/gynecologist on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, said he had performed an abortion for a woman who had three girls and wanted a boy. 'She was much more comfortable with it than I was,' Dr. ----- said. 'I told her if it was a new patient I wouldn't have done it. But my feeling as a physician was that I've accepted the responsibility of being her health care provider. She's not doing anything illegal, and it's not for me to decide.'" Grow a spine...and a conscience.

"'Our son lived for three hours, and I spent almost all that time holding him,' Mr. ----- said. 'I worried that I had decided to rob him of his life simply based on limb deformities. I wondered about the ethical implications of taking a life simply on that basis. What did that say about me?'" It says you're a selfish $#%!@.

"A child psychologist in Atlanta who terminated a Down syndrome fetus earlier this year said she was outraged by people who told her, 'If you have to have a perfect baby, you shouldn't be a parent.'" Awww...did we hurt her widdle feewings? Get the &$@#! over it, sister!

And this gem that about sums it up: "'Every patient has a dilemma that is measured by personal needs.'" That's right, baby, it's all about me, me, me!

And there's all kinds of crap about how complicated and difficult and nuanced all of these decisions are. It's real simple, people: You shall not commit murder. Period. End of friggin' discussion!


God have mercy. How often has my laziness and self-centeredness been as dismissive of the value of life? If everyone who is angry with his brother (as I am often enough) is guilty, what about everyone who puts self first in other ways (as I do far more often than enough)? It's all the same to different degrees -- we don't love God, we don't love our neighbor, we jump at the chance to cater to every whim of the Great Idol Self. There -- on the abortionist's table, or someplace very like -- but for the grace of God go all of us.
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