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Sunday, March 30, 2003 AD
Party Report
Sheesh. Can't I even manage to go to a stinkin' party without getting creamed by conviction?

Some friends of mine hold what they call a "salon" a couple times a year. They invite folks over to share a meal and share their musical or literary or other talents. I attended for the first time last night.

Maria, my pastor's wife, sang a song she'd written from the perspective of the mother of a little girl who was murdered in Baltimore last year. I sang a song I'd written from the perspective of the only person I really seem to care about -- me.

Maria also read from a chapter of the book she's writing about 20 years of being an inner-city pastor's wife. This chapter was about some of the people who came to their door over the years -- some with legitimate needs, some with scam stories, all with broken lives -- and their struggles to learn to minister lovingly, but wisely. The final story was about an older lady who knocked on the church door and asked to see the pastor. Turns out that Craig, the young white kid who answered, was the pastor. What did she want? She was looking for a place where she could serve God's people. She found it, and served faithfully and lovingly until her death. Here's a picture of Craig and Miss Leslie:

My answer to the second verse in the hymn below is, "Um...well...yeah, that'd be nice!" I am such a wimpy Christian. I am so much more concerned with my own comfort and convenience than I am with love and obedience. I look at people like Maria and Craig and Miss Leslie and doubt my worthiness to untie their shoes.

When I first came to Faith, I was determined that I was going to get involved in people ministries. So where am I? Tucked away in a 3rd-floor office where I'm supposed to be working on the website, but where in reality I spend more time pursuing my own online interests. And I help with the post-worship hospitality. Two weeks in a row, however, I cut short conversations with people so I could run off and tend to important crises involving cookies and tea. I gave nursery duty the old college try for two years, but it wasn't a good match. I need to keep looking, eh?

Despite the many struggles I've had with my church not being what I'd hoped it would be, I am very sure God has me here for (among other things) the very good purpose of learning to get far enough outside my introverted shell to love people. I'm obviously not off to a great start, but I guess experiencing His gracious patience with my progress is part of the lesson plan. :-)

Oh...and of course it wasn't really a stinkin' party...it was a very nice-smelling party. ;-D
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