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Sunday, January 05, 2003 AD
Laurel's Quiz
(From Laurel Garver)

1. What celebrities would you like to host at your home for dinner?
Hey, I've had Laurel in my home for lunch. Who needs celebrities for dinner? ;-) Seriously, I can't really think of anybody famous off the top of my head. Maybe Martha Stewart, for that extra incentive to get my house really ship-shape? Ha!

2. If you could have your own TV or radio program, what would the content be?
Assuming I have the requisite attending budget, I'd probably have a musical show, in which I would sing some of my songs and have guest song-singers, too. (Sigh...I really would like at least to record some songs someday.)

3. If you could have any sci-fi technology at your disposal, what would you choose?
I can't quibble with Laurel on her choice of the Star-Trek transporter. But I've no illusions it would keep me from showing up late anywhere. Perhaps a TARDIS would be more useful in that regard, as I could choose when as well as where. Of course a replicator would be nice too. "Filet mignon, medium rare. Broccoli, steamed, buttered. Baked potato with sour cream." Mmmmmm!

4. If you had sufficient resources to start up a business, what would you do?
Editorial services and graphic design for print and Web. But I could never be self-employed. I'd have to hire somebody else to be the boss!

5. If you could be an animal for a day, what would you choose and why?
Cat: Sleep. Be furry. Get affection on demand.

6. When you were a kid, what careers did you aspire to?
I think every kid who's ever gone to school thinks at some point of being a teacher, because it's the job they see the most of. And of course I always thought I'd get to be a mommy, but that's hope's looking dimmer and dimmer.

7. What things terrified you as a child?
My father.

8. What scenarios occur regularly in your dreams?
Nothing regularly. I have a very boring dream life and seldom remember my dreams. One of the few things that has recurred at least occasionally is the scenario of losing my teeth -- they just sort of start falling out. My mom sometimes dreams about losing her teeth, too. Anybody else? I wonder what it means....
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