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Tuesday, November 05, 2002 AD
(From googlism.com)
valerie is a god (Hmmm...someone seems to know my ugly predeliction for self-idolatry)
valerie is bored what are you in the mood for?
valerie is a dork (Truer words were never spoken!)
valerie is happily married to paul (Paul? Paul who? Why didn't anyone tell me?)
valerie is a coaching facilitator who demonstrates excellent teaching and directing skills as she helps participants develop their own insights
valerie is non
valerie is a real estate agent that is known in the community of swift current for their dedicated client service
valerie is vegetarian? (Coulda fooled me...and that cow I ate yesterday!)
valerie is famous for her role as doris schwartz in the tv show "fame" (Oh...didn't I mention that before?)
valerie is one more reason why so much of the best bluegrass today is female
valerie is in charge of facilitating and monitoring the students' clinical experiences
valerie is an active competitor
valerie is forced to be nursemaid to her uncle Julian's two younger children (Uncle Julian is so cruel!)
valerie is sleeping (Well...she wishes she were!)
valerie is one vocalist you don't want to miss
valerie is in search of kids who are using their heads and wearing helmets while on wheels (Searching...always searching)
valerie is a girl who is stucked in Singapore (I hate being stucked)
valerie is located above the ocean and boasts breathtaking views of Los Arcos rock formation (I'm so glad I'm not below the ocean!)
valerie is guitarist and a lead vocalist for sista (Hey! I didn't know I had a band!)
valerie is a new design for 2002
valerie is independent and very mature for her age
valerie is now a junior at cornell university (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is one of the NCHRA's top-rated speakers
valerie is hosting her fourth syndicated radio project
valerie is about to come full circle on her decade
valerie is currently the executive editor of Essence
valerie is active with Musica Antiqua (I seem to be quite musically versatile!)
valerie is also a current member of the lakeland regional mental health advisory committee (They value my expertise.)
valerie is recommended by fellow agents for honesty and integrity as an experienced saskatchewan real estate agent professional
valerie is 8 years old and ready for the 3rd grade (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is 3 years old (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is also very aware of the need for the right equipment
valerie is a past member on the board of directors for the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce
valerie is going on with her life
valerie is the 21 year old daughter of bruce and julie wurtz of riley (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is an honor roll senior at good counsel high school (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is there when you need her (And sometimes I'm there when you don't need me and I just won't go away!)
valerie is an assembly representative on LFEPA and GLA member for Lambeth and Southwark constituency
valerie is not a large mare (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is an 8th grade student who does very well in school (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is published (Yep...right in this here blog!)
valerie is currently on the faculty at the SUNY Fredonia
valerie is a successful veterinarian
valerie is now focusing her creativity on the Internet
valerie is fond of saying (A little too fond. I should stop saying more often.)
valerie is a skilled seamstress and has designed and sewn dance wear for the gulls (Man, have you ever tried to put dance wear on a bird? It is challenging!)
valerie is one of the most sought after hair stylists and hair colorists in our area (Yes, I'm very sought after. I think it has something to do with dyeing the mayor's hair pink. Please don't tell them where I'm hiding!)
valerie is married and has four stepchildren of various ages (But I'm independent and very mature for my age)
valerie is the lively (Not just a lively, but the lively!)
valerie is utilizing her wide (Hey! Watch what you're calling wide!)
valerie is studying psychoanalysis at the university
valerie is an occupational therapist who has specialised in working with children with a variety of difficulties
valerie is sent away to catholic school (That sounds like a very bad dream.)
valerie is a professional
valerie is inscribed throughout the film as a character who is time (Yep...they switched from Father Time to Mother Time.)
valerie is back online (About every five minutes.)
valerie is currently booking shows for 2002
valerie is about to be late for her first day at her new job (Typical!)
valerie is the perfect companion for your busy day
valerie is at the hospital
valerie is her own enemy
valerie is a member of the american institute of certified public accountants
valerie is a freelance journalist who writes a weekly column in a local newspaper
valerie is pleased to see the growing interest in the study of decorative arts
valerie is a recent transplant from Arizona who brings with her a generous supply of energy and enthusiasms
valerie is an integral member of CNNí s weather team (This is actually kind of funny. I knew exactly who they were talking about -- Valerie Voss. Since her last name sounds very similar to mine, the first time I ever hear of her was in an airport where they were broadcasting CNN. I wasn't paying attention to the broadcast, all I heard was what I thought was my name. Thinking I might have heard it over the intercom, I picked up one of the airport phones and asked if I'd been paged. I hadn't, and a little while later, I realized it was the CNN chick.)
valerie is (That's me -- self-existent!)
valerie is recognised internationally for her work as an educator and has lectured in places as varied as the flying art school in queensland (I think this has something to do with the gulls in dance wear.)
valerie is a skillful and effective pastor (I am not any kind of pastor, I assure you!)
valerie is a unique individual (Isn't that a euphemism for weirdo?)
valerie is aiming to be the best in the world (OK, so I've got a little problem with perfectionism.)
valerie is an expert in the areas of legal documents (My mother always said "expert" meant "estranged drip." Get it? Ex-spurt?)
valerie is cool (Yeah, could somebody turn up the thermostat?)
valerie is best described as one of the calmer (...lunatics in the asylum)
valerie is currently musical director of (...the opera in her own mind)
valerie is a "matchmaker" par excellence (If only someone would do the same favor for her!)
valerie is very smart
valerie is an accomplished vocalist/guitarist/composer (Of all the things on the list, this is the one I most want to be true.)
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