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Saturday, July 27, 2002 AD
Veddy Interestink
This article (link via Russ R.) seems to conclude that kids know appropriate worship music when they see it:

My analysis showed a strong connection between the students' perceptions of the way music functions in the service and the kind of music they thought was appropriate for the service. Students who saw music as part of the presentation of God's Word considered traditional choral music most appropriate for the service. Those who thought that music functioned to "establish or change people's moods" indicated that contemporary Christian music, a more mellow and easy-listening style, was appropriate. The small percentage who said that music in church was an entertaining performance also gave higher ratings to rock music and soloistic pop styles. And the only segment of the respondents who considered instrumental music appropriate were those who thought that church music functioned as "a way for people to use their talents to serve God."

I was also pleased that the students seemed to recognize the need to respect the sensibilities of older generations. Of course I also believe that older generations need to show charity toward the sensibilities of the younger, and [old=good; new=bad]=silly.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who's known me long that the music at my church is a frustration for me. I realized this week one more reason it frustrates me. Sacred music is a weapon. To sing the praises of God is to combat the enemy. This week, as I struggled with some sinful attitudes, I needed some musical weapons to combat them. So I reached into the arsenal of my memory, but found only pop guns and plastic swords. If I'd dug deeper, I'd have found the real stuff, but considering the struggle was mostly with self-indulgent laziness, I didn't make it that far. Of course my sin is my responsibility, but in this instance I think I might have been better-equipped to face that responsibility if some of the tools I needed hadn't been buried beneath a heap of useless trinkets.

Sigh...after posting that, this'll be the day my pastors and my music director will decide to stop by and read my blog. Oh well, y'all are well aware of my frustrations regarding these matters. And mostly I keep them to myself, but they do leak out from time to time! :^)
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